Calls for access

Calls for access, otherwise known as "application rounds", are run quarterly on a rolling basis. The access scheme is due to come to an end in 2023. (Applications for modest amounts of funding can be submitted at any time and will be evaluated swiftly).

The fifth application round (to cover access commencing primarily in the period October - December 2021) has recently closed.

The sixth access application round (to cover access commencing primarily in the period January - March 2022) will open in October 2021. Given national COVID-19 control measures (to which the facilities will be responding as appropriate as they evolve), many of the facilities accepting applications for this call will be able to facilitate "remote" access, with facility scientists conducting experiments on behalf of externals. Please get in touch with the contact listed on each facility's page, to find out more.

As explained in the application form and the rules for submission, it is expected that all NNUF access scheme funded work will be completed within 6 months of the date of award (excepting cases where equipment failure delays access, or in the case of e.g. NNL, within 6 months of security clearance having been granted by the facility if required). If you have a compelling reason to request acccess for a future date (for example to enable time for sample preparation), there will be an opportunity to specify this in the application form.

We actively encourage a range of applications, from shorter "proof of principle" experiments (which have the potential to lead on to more substantial work) to projects which are ambitious in their own right.

In response to user feedback we have recently expanded the timescale for NNUF experiments - we can now accept applications for experiments of up to 6 months' duration. If you would like to apply for an experiment of 4-6 months in duration, please identify the quarter in which you would like your experiment to start, and apply to the appropriate call (e.g. if you would like your experiment to start in the Jan - March 2022 quarter, please apply to call 6). There will be an opportunity within the application form to specify the duration of your proposed experiment. You will not need to reapply to the next call in order to continue your experiment into the next quarter - experimental time spanning two quarters will be awarded up-front if your application is successful.